The Pros And Cons Of Sending Snapchat Nudes

In all honesty, there is not really anything good that can come from sending nudes. The cons weigh out the pros, so the reasons for why not to send nudes on snap chat should be the correct title.

Con 1: Your Body Should Not Be On The Internet

Sending snapchat nudes is not a genius idea. In fact, that is the stupidest decision that anybody can make concerning their life. The many consequences that would result from exploiting your body like that.

The internet is the most daring place to let have your most sacred and private photos, so when you decide to do that you no longer have access or ownership of them. When you decide to snap chat your nudes, though it is disappearing there are third-party apps that allow you to save photos and videos.

Con 2: Third Party Apps

Third Party apps are no joke, you think you are safe because the picture disappears right after by you setting the time limit. The time limit restricts the person from screenshotting so quickly but the downfall is when the receiver downloaded a third party app that allows snap chats to be saved whether it’s a video or a picture.

Right now they are going a bit of restriction when it comes to being able to download the app.

Con 3: Good Old Screen Shot

Screenshoting the snap chat nude is the classic way to get caught and exposed. Screenshotting everything to keep as receipts was the way to go and the very thing that caused people to get into trouble.

I know I was a queen at screenshotting stuff that I wanted to use in the future or to send to someone. ( I never screenshotted a nude, disclaimer.)

Con 4: Nude goes viral

The last thing that you want is for your picture to go viral. Once that goes viral, you can basically consider your life over to a degree. Going viral means that it circulates on the internet and billions and billions of people will see it.

There are plenty of cases that people can learn from when it comes to this problem. Many people have experienced this problem, and though some benefited greatly others suffered tremendously.

Snapchat Nudes is a setup for your life to dratically ruined by a decision that was thought to be harmless.

Pro 1: Send it to someone you trust

You send it to someone you trust like your boyfriend or your best friends. These two people are an exception to the rule and even then you still have to be careful because problems can uprise and they have a vendetta against you.

When you send snapchat nudes to someone you have to know that the person you are sending it to has your best interest at heart. You have to know that their character will never put you in a compromising situation.

If you trust them, then go ahead but if you have to second guess their integrity then don’t risk it, it isn’t worth it in the end.

Pro 2: Lawsuit

On the flip side, if your video or photo was to go viral then you would have a chance to press charges on the person who sent it around. The possibilities of getting the person in trouble rely on the age of the victim, if they are under age it would be considered to be kiddy porn.

The lawsuit is helpful by the gag is, if you didn’t put yourself in the position that you did, you wouldn’t have to get a lawsuit regarding your snapchat nudes.

Snapchat Nudes is a setup for your life to dratically ruined by a decision that was thought to be harmless.

Snapchat nudes or any nudes, you should feel ashamed but most importantly fearful. Comment down below about your thoughts.

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