Sleeping Habits Of Couples Reveal Facts About Their Relationships

Recently, at the Edinburgh International Science Festival, the results of research in the field of psychology were presented, that proved the following: any changes in the relationship of a loving couple are immediately reflected in the poses that partners take during a joint sleep.

In this case, it is important not the position people take when they fall asleep, but the one in which they sleep and wake up. Overnight we can turn over 100 times. In some poses it is hot, in others it is just uncomfortable. However, psychologists are sure that postures that we take unconsciously or in which we are ready to sleep, despite the inconvenience, reflect our character, experiences and can tell a lot about relationships in the family.

Naturally, there are exceptions to everything: if you usually fight at night, then do not be surprised that the partner is sleeping from you at a distance.

So, let’s look and your sleeping poses and what your sleeping habits can tell about your relationship:

1. The ’Honeymoon Hug’ position. In this position, lovers usually sleep, people, who started dating not so long ago, or those who had to spend a long time away from each other.

2. The ’Dialogue’ position. Partners with is a strong spiritual connection usually prefer this pose. However, it also shows that they would like to spend more time with each other, communicate more.

3. The ’Stargazing’ position. This couple has a harmonious and calm relationship. Small inconveniences are possible due to the fact that one partner is constantly forced to adapt to another.

4. The ’Sweetheart’s Cradle’ position. It is typical for couples who are used to constantly care for each other and do not hesitate to be gentle.

5. The ’I Cherish You’ position. These people are happy. Lovers who respect each other’s personal space usually sleep in this position.

6. The ’Liberty’ position. Both partners are zealous individualists, each of them needs a lot of personal space.

7. The ’King of the Bed’ position. Their behavior in a relationship is somewhat selfish, similar to how they lie in bed during sleep.

8. The ‘Spoons’ position. The pose indicates a harmonious and passionate relationship.

9. The ’Loose Spoons’ position. Couples still choose a comfortable pose of “spoons”, but give each other more freedom.

10. The ’Leg Hug’ position. Usually those couples that have harmony and trust prefer sleeping in this position.

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