Signs That You Aren’t A High Priority For Your Man

Women, thatlove and are loved, will not be tormented by doubts. They just live, enjoying every day. If the question “how to understand if a man loves you?” arises it may be the beginning of the end.

Is there a future for your relationship? Has love left the relationship? Was there love at all? We want to make it clear in order to understand whether to count on this relationshipor try to forget about it as soon as possible.

Here they (the first bells) are. We want to tell you about signs that you are not a high priority for your man and that you will probably break up with him shortly.

1. The most irrefutable proof of dislike is that a man does not want to communicate with you: does not visit, does not write and does not even call. It is especially difficult to get used to such an icy wilderness after a period so passionate.

2. Unpleasant, but true, he does not listen to you. Sometimes he seemsto be paying attention but in all honesty he’s pretending and practicing his acting abilities. Unless there is some particular difficulty or trouble, that causes this, he probably is not interested inyou.

3. He looks at you with an absent look or does not look at you at all. Of course, you remember the times when you did not have to say anything to each other, a time when everything was said by eye contact and touch but now his eyes only light up during physical intimacy. Due to the irregularity of the latter, this happens less and less.

4. He does not care if you have fans. Previously, the mere mention of a conversation with a male colleague led to his aggressively suspicious mood but today he has zero reaction to the intrusive compliments of a neighbor right before his eyes.

5. He does not want to touch you. A man in love does not need a reason to feel the smoothness of your skin or smell the scent of your hair. Memories of your passionate embrace and long tender kisses are beginning to fade.

6. When you meet up you listen to his problems and circumstances for a long time and he tells you about what kind of soup his mom makes him but your problems and woes do not interest him. He only listens to you out of courtesy.

7. During a date your man is telephoned by his mother’s friend’s friend and he quietly chatters with them for a long while, boring you. There can be different situations or reasons for this but this is really rude.

8. He does not distinguish between you from other women. You do not feel that he gives you more attention and concern than others. If you don’t feel special to him then you are not special for him.

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