If Your Boyfriend Says These 9 Things, Then You’re Not Going To Last

It’s no secret that even though men and women might be cut from the same evolutionary cloth, there are still so many differences that divide these two genders.

As human beings, we are all unique in our own personal ways. We all have our distinct personalities that define who we are and what we do in this life. And sometimes, the distinctions can get even more pronounced whenever you throw gender groupings into the mix.

Yes, you want to find love in this life. However, if you are a heterosexual woman, then that means that you would have to navigate your way through the world of men.

And that isn’t really going to be the easiest thing to do in this life. You don’t necessarily know how a man’s mind works because of his different approach to various aspects of life.

And that’s okay. No one expects you to have everything figured out. However, you should still be doing your part in making sure that you aren’t being played by any guy out there (there are so many out there).

Whenever you get into a relationship with someone, you are always taught that communication is important. And that’s true. The way that you communicate as a couple is going to say a lot about the kind of relationship that you are going to have.

A lot of times, you would be able to tell how strong a connection you have with your man based on how the two of you talk to one another. That is why you always have to stay mindful of the way your man talks to you.

Based on the kind of language that he uses when he’s with you, you will be able to gauge whether your relationship turns out as a success or not. If you notice that your man says these 12 things to you, then it’s likely that your relationship isn’t really going to last.

1. “I don’t really believe in the whole marriage thing.”

If he’s a guy who doesn’t really buy into the whole idea of marriage, then that wouldn’t really be a problem if you happen to share the same sentiment. However, if you’re genuinely interested in marrying the person you’re in a long-term relationship with, then this can prove fatal to your romance.

2. “(Insert name of ex) always used to do this.”

Okay, the rule is that he should never have the gall to compare you to any other girl on the face of this earth. But it’s especially true when he’s comparing you to your ex. That’s when you know he’s a man you just can’t take seriously.

3. “Why are you wearing that?”

Instead of being with someone who is going to judge you for how you look or force you into certain types of clothing, you should just be single. You shouldn’t be with someone who is going to make you feel bad for how you look. You want a man who takes you seriously for who you really are.

4. “I think you should just focus on doing the household chores.”

You shouldn’t have a man deny you of your goals and dreams. If you want to become more than just someone who stays home all day, then that should be your prerogative. He shouldn’t be telling you what to make of your life.

5. “Are you on your period?”

If you happen to be with a guy who trivializes your female cycles, then he’s not a guy who is mature enough to be taken seriously. He would never be able to make your relationship work and you should probably just dump him.

6. “You’re being crazy right now.”

Your relationship is NEVER going to work if you’re with a man who doesn’t listen to you and pay attention to you. If your man is telling you that you are crazy just because you want to talk about your thoughts and feelings, then that’s definitely a bad sign for your romance.

7. “Can we have an open relationship?

Run. Run away. This is essentially him telling you that he can’t take you seriously enough to actually commit to you. He’s just trying to keep his options open because he can’t bring himself to be with you forever.

8. “If you do this, then we should break up.”

A guy who uses ultimatums to get you to do specific things is a very manipulative man who you shouldn’t be taking seriously. Always make sure that you are in a relationship with someone who loves you. And a man who manipulates you is definitely not someone who loves you.

9. “You always have to support me.”

And you know that your relationship is just never going to work when you’re with someone who can’t handle criticism well. He has to be the kind of guy who handles your opposition in a mature and respectful manner.

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