Dating your husband.

Ok ladies, let me let you in on a secret.  Never stop dating your husband.  When you first met, you took care to wear the right outfit, do your hair just so and wear make up to look good for him, but as time went on, it became easier to forget about the makeup, pull your hair up into a pony tail and pull on your sweats.

That look is fine for cleaning the house or doing yard work, but does your husband ever wonder what happened to the stylish girl he married?

I’ll be the first to admit that I got a bit lazy with this.  I work from home and used to just roll out of bed, grab my coffee and head to the office.  My husband would get home from work and I would still be in my pajamas.  He said he didn’t mind it, but every now and again, he would say something to let me know, subtly, that he noticed I wasn’t making much of an effort anymore.

Now, I get up and go straight into the shower and dress.  It makes a huge difference in how I look and feel when my beloved gets home from work. He’s noticed it, too and he appreciates it.

When we are newly dating, we also tend to compliment and encourage our sweetheart more often than we do as the married months and years roll on.

Make a conscious effort to praise and appreciate your husband for something every single day – be it how hard he works for the family or the great job he did mowing the lawn. Words of affirmation may just be his love language and may mean more than a freshly baked cake to your hubby.

Date Nights

So much to do and so little time!  The house, work, kid’s activities – how the heck can I fit in a date night with my husband.  My question for you is: how can you afford not to?

Time invested in your spouse and your marriage will generate huge dividends in the long run.  Time for the two of you to reconnect and talk.  Time to laugh alongside one another.  Time to enjoy a shared hobby or interest.  It almost doesn’t matter what you do – as long as you do it.

A date night can be weekly, if you are in a season of life that allows that (and you have a responsible, reliable babysitter if your kids are young) or it can be every other week.

A date night can be dinner or bowling or a walk in the park.  It can be visiting a museum or street festival or it can be much simpler than that:  a quiet night at home.

Below, I have listed a bunch of date night ideas for you.  I’ve shared both out of the house (for money and for no money) and date night ideas for home. For more great ideas, that are nearly done for you, take a look at the Ultimate Date Night Book by The Dating Divas.  I love these creative ideas for dating your husband.

I pray that you will plan a date night with your husband for this week and enjoy the rewards that time alone together can provide.

This isn’t just for couples with kids at home.  Couples who are empty nesters seem to struggle with this one just as much.  They think “it’s just the two of us, we are alone every night together”, but when you are home alone, are you spending time invested in your marriage?  Are you doing things together? Are you talking with each other? Are you laughing with each other.

Empty nesters, I encourage you to plan a date night this week, too.

Dating Your Husband Ideas Out-of-the-Home Date Nights:

Festival or Fair
Walk in the park or hiking
Go for a bike ride together
Visit a local winery for an afternoon or evening filled with taste testing wine while snacking on cheese and other complimentary snacks
Be a tourist in your own city. Look for travel guides and visit local attraction –  Remember to take pictures
Flea Market Browsing
Attend a sporting event (minor league games have amazing ticket prices and deals)
Visit the local hardware store for ideas to remodel
Visit a furniture store, don’t forget the try the beds
Travel back in time. If you live close to where each other grew up, visit your childhood homes and neighborhoods. Grab a camera and take pictures of your grown up selves there

Dating Your Husband Ideas At-Home Date Nights:

 Movie night (make popcorn and snuggle on the couch)
 Game Night
 Scavenger Hunt
 Stargazing in the backyard.
 Bubble bath with glow sticks (trust me, the glow sticks are worth it and your husband will LOVE seeing the soft glow against your skin). 
 Fondue—everything is better with chocolate!
 Camping indoors—complete with sleeping bags, tent, and a string of Christmas lights along with your favorite snacks
 Picnic indoors
 Sushi night— Plan a takeout night with your favorite food and eat it in bed
 Do a crossword puzzles together
 Go fishing at sunset. Pack some sandwiches and chairs.
 Give each other back rubs or foot massages with warming gel|
 Play Frisbee golf in the backyard with laundry baskets after the kids are in bed.
 Do a home improvement project together.
Make organizational projects to help with the clutter at home.
Hobby night. Your hobby may be knitting and his may be rocking the guitar, try teaching each other

What did you do or say when you were first dating that you no longer do?  What can you change today to start dating your husband again?

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