Alpha Male Body Language Which Gets Women Whet

Body language can tell a lot about a person. Just like the eyes are the windows to the soul, body language are the windows to a person’s personality. People can say a lot about you as a person just by observing your body language. Whether you’re shy, timid, indecisive wuss or a confident, determined, decisive, calm and relaxed Alpha Male.

Just getting in shape and dressing well are not enough. To become the best that you can be, you need to radiate masculine energy. The ultimate alpha male vibes which will come by positioning yourself as the confident, powerful, fun and outgoing.

You need to be comfortable, relaxed and poised which will help make other people feel comfortable around you as well, be it men or women. This is what being an alpha male actually means and now from the next section we’re going to thoroughly break the Body language of an Alpha Male and how you can integrate it in your life, with actionable steps –

So let’s jump into the real content which will tell the body language of an alpha male so that you apply for yourself and exude an alpha vibe which will make people to instantly like you and respect you –

>> Why Body Language Is So Important?

Body language exudes non-verbal communication revealing clues to some unspoken intentions or feelings through our physical behavior. These behaviors can include body postures, gestures, facial expressions and eye movements.

Body language communicates your emotions and motivations, likes and dislikes, interest and disengagement. A large percentage of communication and how people perceive you comes from body language. Your body language might reveal your true feelings or intentions. Perhaps you feel tired, angry, bored, frustrated, or enthusiastic etc…

Body language is both a mental and physical process

If you are timid or shy, your body will naturally communicate those values which are not really attractive and YOU will become less attractive. The attractive values that you want to communicate (because you want to communicate to women that you are an alpha who has wonderful genes) are rather things like a high status, cockiness and a big c*ck and even a little bit of arrogance…

Body Language can do at least half the work for you

With a woman, a good body language can, at least, do half the work for you. That makes a huge difference. Working on your body language is the best way to start for the average. And the first thing to do is to avoid common signals of fear, neediness, boredom and awkwardness (like the speed of movements). It kills most woman’s attraction for you.

Alpha male body language

Body language reflects what is going on inside but you can learn to control.

When you see a beautiful woman, you can become nervous inside, and it is reflected outside. But if you learn to control yourself and adopt a natural posture even when your heart is beating, you will become way more attractive ( and effective with women).

Remember: Women at ease with themselves look for strong and imperturbable men ( alpha males ). Girls with problems look for men with problems.

I know it’s very difficult to detach internal experience from an external experience…. but let’s try. Sit comfortably in your chair. Let your arms down… how do you feel in the inside? Weak? Crap? Small? Now adopt the natural posture ( like James Bond ). How does that make you feel? I guess bigger or more powerful.

Since now we know everything about what actual body language is and why it’s so important. Let’s move a step further to breakdown the body language of an alpha male so that we could learn and hone those ultimate alpha male body language skills for our benefit.

Like seducing hot women wherever we see, influencing others by exuding power and dominance. And most importantly we will become charismatic at the same time which people can’t resist ( especially women ).

So, without any further ado let’s jump into the stuffs for which we’re here, which is the 5 alpha male body language which you can use to attract women and get her wet.

1. Alpha Posture

The first and most important thing when it comes to body language is having a good posture whether you are standing or sitting.

Now the question is what’s a good posture? Imagine that your head is connected to a string. Your arms are comfortable on your side. Your focus is on the horizon. This is the natural posture. You will develop it after some practice. Keep in mind, everything taught here, must be done in a habitual manner for it to take effect in your life.

This position sub communicates that you are comfortable, relax, and so on… This posture also communicates positive things about you.

Avoid rigid or hunched posture. An alpha male is always relaxed, whether he is standing or sitting. Loosen up and spread out.

When standing, you can force open your body language by hooking your thumbs in your back pockets. Or you can put your hands on your waist like superman.

Always keep your chin up and your eyes high at all times.

Now same goes with alpha walk. Never make the mistake of walking only with your legs. Don’t be afraid to move your torso and arms. Walk as if you’d just had a massive success and felt on top of the world.

Watch what you do with your body. You may find yourself moving your arms along with your shoulders and having a slight bounce in your step. Now, do that all the time.

Slow down your walking pace. You’re not in a hurry!  Never walk fast as part of your normal walk. Instead, walk a little slower than normal, almost as if you’re swaggering. You’re an alpha, no one’s chasing you and you’re not rushing to please anyone else. Walk like you’re relaxed and confident.

2. Laser Eye Contact

Alpha male body language

Never Look down. An alpha man always holds his head high. It shows zest. It shows enthusiasm. It shows high quality of life. Looking down at the floor interprets “loser.” Keep your chin up. Look at the person you’re talking to. An alpha male isn’t afraid to look directly into people’s eyes. It can be difficult if you’re not used to it, so practice.

When you’re entering the room keep your head high and look at everyone. If you talk to someone, look from one of their eyes to the other, then down to their mouth. This keeps your eyes moving and focused on your conversation partner.

Never shift your eyes back and forth when you speak. That’s a very negative sign. When you’re in a conversation and you’re doing the talking, gaze at the other person’s face. Non-verbally, this communicates that what you say is important and worth listening to and of course you are not hiding anything.

But remember not to over do it. Ignore the dating advice books that tell you to hold non-stop eye contact. Non-stop eye contact makes you look needy, socially retarded, and, frankly, like a weirdo.

If you never break eye contact with someone, they may perceive you as awkward or confrontational. Be sure to take breaks by looking away from time to time. Since looking down can make you seem secretive or week, turn your gaze to the side instead. Never hold too much eye contact when the other person speaks.

Avoid blinking a lot, instead blink your eyes slowly. Don’t close your eyes in discomfort. Just let your eyelids relax. In fact, let them drop a bit. Don’t be bug-eyed. Never be uncomfortable with your eyes. The bottom line is that your eyes should be comfortable, relaxed, assertive, and sexual.

3. Open Gestures

Alpha male body language

An alpha male spreads his arms and legs out and is open. He takes his space while sitting or standing.

Gestures can show people you’re competent. Don’t be afraid to show people what you’re referring to or use your hands to communicate with them. People feel as though you’re personable and know what you’re talking about when they see how comfortable you are with your gestures.

Exaggerating your gestures can imply that you’re stretching the truth. Spreading your arms apart or gesturing with your palms exposed communicates that you have nothing to hide.

Never hold your hands in front of you. This is a defensive gesture. Instead hold yourself open and vulnerable. You hold yourself vulnerable because you feel no fear. Let your arms relax and be open. Nobody’s going to punch you, so why do you need to block yourself.

On rare occasions it is possible to fold your arms in an alpha fashion, but as a general rule, avoid it.

Never turn your head fast when someone wants your attention. Instead use the movements that you would when you’re at home slow and relaxed. Cause being relaxed and poised is the first and foremost thing of an alpha male body language.

While speaking use your hands to demonstrate that you are all in for that topic and you have nothing to hide. This shows your likeliness with the people you interact while talking which makes you even more powerful and charismatic.

4. Alpha Voice

An alpha male has a relaxed face and mouth because he fears no one. He doesn’t speak with a monotonous voice which is also known as mumbling. People with a narrow pitch range are viewed as unassertive, uninteresting, and lacking in confidence. So vary your pitch and you will be perceived as outgoing and alpha.

Using “ah” and “um,” partial sentences, and partial words shows lack of confidence. It’s a sign of nervousness. The reason we say “um” is because we’re afraid we’re going to be interrupted by the other person.

Instead, don’t be afraid to pause for effect. Pausing before important points will make you seem more competent and people will remember what you say. Nervous facial gestures such as lip licking, pursing your lips, twitching your nose, and biting your lips are considered not to be bright and positive.

Avoid speaking too fast. This gives off the impression that you feel anxious and have low self-confidence. A normal, comfortable speaking rate varies within a moderate range from 125 to 150 words per minute.

Never pause too long before responding to a question. This indicates that you’re thinking too hard for your answer, which makes you seem indecisive. It also looks like you’re trying too hard to win the other person’s approval.

Avoid excessive smiling. Never be too giggly. Beta humans smile to show they’re not a threat. The alpha male only smile when there is something to smile about. And yes he can be a threat

Use long, convoluted sentences. Alphas keep it short and to the point. If you’re tempted to use long sentences, break them up.

5. Alpha Touch

Don’t touch your face when you talk. This indicates that you’re thinking too hard, you’re indecisive, or that you feel shy. Don’t be afraid to touch women. Do it without being intrusive or apologetic about it.

Alpha male body language

When it comes to women, alpha male touch women without being apologetic about it. They find ways to touch women with so much confidence that it becomes natural and easy for women.

When he touches a woman, no one feels the embarrassment. Cause everything is free flowing with love and tenderness.

Be confident about it when you touch women any nervousness at all can be fatal for your relations with her. Be alpha and physically move her when you need to. Hold her hand to lead her around, etc. Be gentle if you use excessive pressure, you reveal your insecurity.

(Since you’re alpha, of course she will follow you, so there’s no need to be anything other than playful and tender.)

It’s natural to touch others, as when you’re emphasizing a point. Let the love flow!

So what are the best places to touch a woman? The best places are the back, elbows, shoulders and the back of the arms. Think of it in degrees of sensitivity. The least sensitive parts of the body can be touched first, while the most sensitive, like the breasts for example, are touched last.

While saying something, you can try touching her shoulder for a few seconds, while looking in her eyes and smiling, transmitting that you’re confident about what you’re doing. This is very important you’ve to be confident about your touch while touching her, any sign of weakness or awkwardness can lead it to other way. She might squeeze back and go from there. So the bottom line is to be confident about your touch.


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Becoming an alpha male is one of the highest achievements a man can ever have. As it gives you the power, confidence and the ability to influence people. The body language of an alpha male is something that attracts any person, be it men or women. The way the alpha males make use of their body language does all the wonders. It makes other people comfortable around them while interacting. It also shows that they are the light in the dark, they’re the music of the party.

They exude the power and dominance while doing almost anything. Nothing can distract them. They will be busy doing their work by taking their space.

If you still want to learn more on this topic. Then watch Brad Pitt in Fight Club. Or James Bond. Look at how they move, how they sit, how they talk and initiate things.

Having a model at the beginning is the easiest way to developing a good posture yourself. The above two are a few examples of men you can watch and learn from.

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