9 Ways To Know If Your Man Honestly Loves You Or Not

Life experience shows that not every modern man can boast of determination, especially if it concerns such a delicate sphere as an expression of feelings and recognition in love. Some representatives of the strong half of humanity can hide their attitude towards a certain woman for years, thereby losing valuable time that they could spend next to her.

This is a huge mistake to consider men to be less sensitive and more callous, in comparison with the fair sex. In fact, men are more affected by their experiences, because they can not afford to share them. Men very often remain silent about their feelings, because they are afraid to be rejected.

First of all, you can find out that a man loves you if you look into his eyes. As a rule, a man who is burning with feelings is ready not to take his eyes off a lady. He constantly looks at her and admires her. In the presence of the object of sympathy, the man tries to look as good as possible. He adjusts clothes, hair, takes a pose that emphasizes the dignity of his figure and straightens his shoulders.

Do you want to know nine more ways to find out that your man really loves you? Here you are:

1. He is not egoistic in bed. He always takes care of you.

2. He supports you, but at the same time he tells when you make mistakes.

3. He always tries to answer your phone calls.

4. He is very caring, especially when you feel not well.

5. He respects you and your opinion.

6. He knows your likes and dislikes and does not forget about them.

7. He listens to you, when you need to say both significant and minor things.

8. He is not afraid to tell you about his feelings.

9. He does not act differently with you when you meet his friends, colleagues or family.

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