Temptation is always going to exist in any kind of relationship. It doesn’t matter how in love you might be with one another. Temptations are going to exists. However, temptations don’t necessarily have to be bad. They are only ever bad once someone gives in. If someone actually succumbs to temptation, then that’s when it can get really problematic.

But when a partner is able to resist temptation, somehow, it strengthens the relationship even further. If you’re looking into how some men are able to resist external temptations in their relationships, then read through on this article. Here are some real men who talk about why they are able to say no to temptations for the sake of their relationships.

1. RICKY, 34

“I am still tempted to have sex with other women even though I’ve already been with my girl for so many years now. I love her with all of my heart and essentially, I just remind myself of how much I love her and how much I don’t want to hurt her. Whenever I have other girls flirt with me, I just picture my girl’s face in my mind, and I’m okay.”

2. PAUL, 26

“I’m sure that plenty of guys in relationships have been put in this position in one way or another. And it’s always going to be a critical moment in any relationship. A man can either choose to stay true to his girl or just abandon everything that they’ve built completely. It’s just a matter of priorities. Is it about instant and temporary gratification? Or is it about the long-term?”

3. MIGUEL, 29

“The entire temptation thing is really simple for me and my girl. I just make sure to tell her that I have certain needs. And I communicate those needs honestly and openly. I let her know that I am much more likely to resist temptations if I am getting sexual fulfillment at home. She’s mature enough to understand that, and we always make an effort to have a healthy and happy sex life.”

4. THOMAS, 36

“Honestly, I think it’s the fact that my girlfriend is really good at communicating with me even when we’re not together. She’s always texting me and talking to me on the phone whenever we’re apart. But she also knows her limits. She respects my privacy without making me feel completely abandoned or forgotten about. And that’s something that I really appreciate about her.”

5. CURTIS, 39

“This is going to sound really weird and peculiar to a lot of people. And I understand why this kind of thought process wouldn’t be for everyone. This isn’t a technique that everyone is going to be comfortable with. But whenever I feel really tempted to cheat on my girl, I just think about disgusting things like poop, vomit, or boogers. These things get me out of the mood really quickly.”

6. CHARLES, 22

“Honestly, it’s really hard to resist temptation. I find myself being tempted to cheat on my girl every day. I know that I’m a relatively good-looking guy and a lot of women are just really drawn to me. They hit on me and it’s so hard to say no because a lot of them are pretty hot. So, I just make a real effort to avoid putting myself in situations where other girls feel comfortable with hitting on me. As much as possible, I tag my girlfriend along whenever I go out.”

7. ALEX, 25

“I have this mind technique wherein I visualize my girlfriend cheating on me, and I try to imagine how that would make me feel. I try to think about how much it would hurt me to know that my girlfriend was unfaithful. Once I am able to orient myself to that pain, it’s so much easier for me to just stay faithful. I would never want to wish that kind of pain on my girlfriend because I love her so much.”

8. RONALD, 29

“My wife and I have been married for a little while now, and we already have a baby together. However, that doesn’t mean that the temptations have gone away. There are still loads of women out there who don’t really care about the fact that I am married. Whenever I find myself feeling tempted, I just think about my family, and how much I would hate for them to feel hurt or betrayed by my actions.”

9. PHILIP, 33

“Truth be told, I don’t really shy away from a little flirting here and there. I just have to make sure that it never goes beyond that. I try to keep things fun and light. I make it seem like I’m just teasing. But I always know when I need to draw the line when it comes to these flirtatious games.”

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