9 Men Reveal Why They Ghost

Does the man of your dreams suddenly disappear from the horizon after a few weeks (days, months) of the rapid development of a relationship? Do your anxious texts exist in the form of your own monologue, and only the voice of the informant robot politely responds to your phone calls?

Do not cry: consider that you were lucky to meet a real gentleman, who left, as expected, like an Englishman. When a man leaves your life in this way, you are left alone with yourself – stunned, morally crushed and not knowing why he did this. After all, everything was just fine! However, suddenly everything is over.

Did your man leave you without even saying a word? What is hidden behind such a behavior? Why did he do this? Why should a woman suffer and expect that the behavior of her man can change?

Let’s look through nine men’s confessions that reveal why they can ghost:

1. Men might have fear that everything is too perfect and too good.

2. Men can feel anxiety and becoming a ghost makes them feel more comfortable in their life.

3. Everything is moving too fast and they are not ready for such a tempo.

4. If a woman somehow shows that she does not trust her man, he can ghost.

5. The most of men have problems with being sincere and they just can not explain why they want to leave. So, they do this silently.

6. A rude man is more likely to ghost, according to the confession of a great part of men.

7. Men do not want and do not like confrontations, so they prefer going away silently.

8. Almost all men do not like dramas. So, they can leave without even saying a word just to avoid this.

9. In the most cases ghosting means that a man is not into you. He is not in love and does not want to continue your relationship. That is all.

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