Relationships strengthen when both the individuals adore each other unconditionally and reciprocate their love. Men are usually not that emotional as women and they may also lack the urge to express their love. However when they are truly in love, they will find excuses and ways to connect with their significant other. It will not be another casual fling for them but a relationship they want to cherish for their life! They feel they are compatible with you and find their comfort and happiness within you. If a guy shows the following signs, it suggests he is very much into you and serious about a meaningful relationship.


When a guy finds that special someone and believes they are compatible with them, he will not wander into other thoughts. There will be no self-doubt as to the matter of choice. They will be willing to support their love through thick and thin and will not be afraid to sticking to only one person. It is after all a scary thought to commit to one person and control temptations which rear their ugly head once settled. However they will have the courage and integrity to express their willingness to share the life journey with their partner.

Just make sure they don’t lose their sense of self-identity, changing so much in your love that they eventually end up miserable with themselves.


When a man is compassionate enough to love their partner unconditionally they will be accepting their partner with their ‘luggage’. They will accept the good with the bad and everything in between without making any efforts to change their partner. As sometimes you may feel certain habits may make you less attractive or that others may be repelled by these flaws. However when a guy is truly in love with you he will encourage you to be yourself and by shedding their own insecurities they will indirectly allow you to forget your fears and be more open like them.


Every significant relationship has its fair share of conflicts and difference of opinion. However when a guy is sincere in their love and want to safeguard their relationship they will always find a way to overlook small issues that might come up between you. Arguing on petty differences will never appeal to their sensible nature. Even if it did they will know how to resolve the conflict. They have prioritized the relationship above conflict of interest and are always willing to find the common ground and find the solution.

They will take you into confidence and try to instill a team player mentality when facing obstacles in the relationship. They understand that it takes two to beat the odds and that during arguments, your happiness is more important to them than the need to being ‘right’.


One of the essential signs of a serious relationship is the fact that both the parties involved are more and more comfortable of introducing themselves as a couple. Your guy will not be afraid to label you as your girlfriend or their partner. They will be proud to introduce you to others at parties or other social events. Guys who may have second thoughts about a relationship may try to isolate you from their social scene lest your being together is not perceived as though he is in a relationship. However, when a guy is in love, he will do anything in their capacity to let everyone know you mean a world to them.


When a guy is serious about the relationship they will always put you in the center while planning for their future. Their future discussion will always include you since they are certain about spending the rest of their life with you.

They want you by their side as they achieve their ambitions and goals in life. They draw strength from your presence and believe no one else could take your place.


A real man will always be mindful to express their emotions to his significant other. They will not feel embarrassed to say what their heart holds and will be very open in their actions as well. They might surprise you with a dinner date or something as simple as a hug but they will make sure they always keep the flame of passion burning. Such antics are not that difficult to be done when a relationship is new but if they keep up the role of a caring and loving partner they are truly very rare and deserve every bit of your affection.

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