50 Texts To KEEP Your Husband Daydreaming

I am a stay at home mom, as many of you are, and my husband works so hard to provide for our family.  He loves that I am home caring for the kids, and holding down the home front.  I miss him so much, though, when he is away, and he misses his family greatly too! Some days he is up before we are and home after were all asleep.  This makes it truly difficult to maintain romance and providing the love and affection we both need in the relationship.

So we have to work really hard to not take advantage of the small amount of time we do have together.  I have a few ways to keep my husband’s mind on me ALLLLLL day long!!!!(Not to imply that he get’s distracted easily. But marriage is work and one hundred million percent effort from both sides.) I want my husband to feel special, loved and sexy and throughout the day that’s my job regardless of whether we see each other or not.  No excuses to not be affirming your love for one another!

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  1. Thank you, for loving me!
  2. I want you, sooooo bad!
  3. Last night was amazing!
  4. What do you say and we put the kids to bed early tonight?
  5. Thank you, for supporting my dreams!
  6. I bet you look so sexy right now!
  7. You are the man of my dreams!
  8. You amaze me!
  9. I love you, just because!
  10. You are an amazing father!
  11. Thank you, for being my best friend!
  12. I really appreciate you!
  13. You have become, and continue to become, a man of God!
  14. I am so proud of you!
  15. You make me feel so safe!
  16. Thank you for listening!
  17. Want to meet up later? ?
  18. So glad you’re my man!
  19. I respect you so much!
  20. You are such a hard worker!
  21. Thank you for setting an awesome example for our children!
  22. You make me feel like a woman!
  23. I had a dream about you last night, ammaazing!
  24. You are so humble and caring!
  25. I want to kiss you right now!
  26. I have a surprise for you later!
  27. I get lost in your eyes!
  28. I love placing my head on your chest!
  29. Gosh, I miss you!
  30. I can’t wait to see you!
  31. Meet me in five! ?
  32. I know you’re busy, but just wanted to tell you we miss you and love you!
  33. Thank you for playing with the kids last night!
  34. Thank you for helping me!
  35. Thank’s for making me coffee!
  36. I loved your arms around me all night!
  37. You can do this through Jesus who strengthens you!
  38. Let’s go on a date!
  39. How can I pray for you today, babe?
  40. Let’s light a candle tonight! ?
  41. I’m so lucky to have you!
  42. I still fall for you every single day!
  43. I’m so glad you chose me!
  44. You have my whole heart for my whole life!
  45. You’re so easy to love!
  46. I love our life together!
  47. You make me want to be a better person!
  48. I love you!
  49. You became the man of my dreams, but even better, you’re real!
  50. You inspire me, baby!

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