Sometimes, a relationship will draw to a close even when you don’t really want it to. And whenever that’s the case, it can always be difficult to bounce back emotionally. No one can blame you for still wanting to cling to all the memories of your relationship gone awry. You can really grow attached to a person, and it can really hurt to have to let them go just because things didn’t work out well. However, just because two people break up doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re going to stay that way. Sometimes, it’s possible for exes to find their way back into each other’s arms again.

Perhaps you might be clinging to the hope that your ex might probably want to get back together with you. And maybe there might even be a reason for you to be thinking that way. Maybe there is a good chance that your ex might really want to get back together with you. However, it’s always dangerous territory whenever you are looking to rekindle an old flame. This is not a decision that you will want to be taken lightly. You always want to make sure that you are thinking things through and that you don’t rush into anything especially if you are dealing with the overwhelming emotions of a breakup.


If your ex does come knocking back on your door, perhaps you should just be safe and try to think about the potential reasons that you shouldn’t get back together with an ex. Just because this might be your second try at succeeding in your relationship doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easier for you. In fact, it’s possible that you could leave things worse off than when you ended things in the first place. It’s always important that you maintain a healthy sense of realism about everything that is going on with your relationship. If you feel like it’s a bad idea to get back together, then trust that intuition. If you think that there’s a chance for the two of you to make it work, then follow that instinct.


The uncertainty is one of the worst parts about having to deal with a breakup. You are certain that you didn’t want the relationship to end. However, you are uncertain about the finality of it all. You so desperately want to believe that your ex is eventually going to come back to you. It happens to a lot of us. This is especially common to people who get broken up with even though they’re still in love with their exes.

It’s the idea of not knowing that can really hurt. However, if there’s a real chance of them coming back, then isn’t it really worth the wait? Or would it just end up being a huge waste of your time, energy, and emotions?


If you’re looking for some signs that your ex-girlfriend is thinking about getting back together with you, then you might want to keep an eye out for the following signals:

  1. They still try to keep in touch with you. Even after you’ve broken up, they still make an effort to reach out to you and establish some form of contact or communication with you.
  2. They ask your friends about you. They are still trying to keep tabs on everything that you’re doing. Perhaps, they’re even trying to make sure that you aren’t with someone new.
  3. They tell you old inside jokes and memories. It just goes to show that they are trying to make you feel nostalgic about the whole thing. Your ex wants to tap into whatever feelings you might still have for them.
  4. They try to make you jealous. Instead of waiting some time before they go out on a date again, they try to make it seem like they’re already on the market. They just do this to try to make you feel jealous.
  5. They tell you that they never stopped loving you. And of course, you know that there’s always a chance of them coming back to you if they tell you that they are still in love with you.


But what about if you’re wondering whether your ex-boyfriend is going to eventually come back for you? Here are a few signs that you want to be on the lookout for:

  1. He stalks you a lot on social media. Your ex wants to know everything that you’re up to. He likes and comments on your posts a lot on social media.
  2. He slides into your DM’s. Your ex casually slips into your DM’s. He’s still trying to make it seem like he doesn’t want to be gone from your life completely.
  3. He doesn’t try to date anyone new. Your ex wants you to see that he isn’t interested in moving on at all. He still wants to keep you in his life.
  4. He still texts you every so often. Your ex is still trying to establish his presence in your life. Remember that it’s a big deal for a guy to text you.
  5. He tells you that he misses you. Your ex is obviously not over the fact that the two of you have broken up. He is still longing to get back together with you.


But what if you’re still not feeling fine after the breakup? Just because things didn’t work out between you and an ex doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to be destined for love with anyone else. However, before you can pursue a romantic entanglement with someone new, you have to make sure that you have completely moved on from an old flame. You don’t want to be carrying any emotional baggage before you jump back into the dating pool.

But it can be really hard to determine the signs on whether you’ve officially moved on from your ex or not. But at the end of the day, this is a very personal journey that you have to take yourself and deal with on your own.


If you still haven’t moved on from an ex, and you’re still clinging to the hope that they might eventually want to get back together with you, then that might be fine. However, you have to know that there is still a chance for the two of you to actually get back together. If you’re just basing it all on false hopes, then you are dooming yourself. You are only going to end up wasting a lot of time chasing after someone who has already clearly moved on from you.

Relationships are rough and breakups are a lot rougher. You can never force someone to stay in a loving relationship with you. That’s why if you see that they have no interest in having a future with you, then it might be best for you to just move on with your own life.

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