Admit it or not but you must have tried once when you are in a relationship. Every girl feels obsessed for her partner and moreover tries to be close with him. The relationship holds a worthy bond which is shared by two people and both of them are ready to spend their whole life together. Though there comes a time where you may get sudden barriers but that is included in every relationship and there are solutions for it. When a girl is in love she puts her full efforts to be a good option and these efforts may or may not get successful but we are with some solutions that how you can attract him towards you and can get his attention that too without feeling awkward. Here are some of the tips on how you can make him want you more.
1. Be ConfidentBe confident when he is around, hold a good personality, cheer yourself when you feel low. Be confident in what you are doing, what you are wearing and for your every action. Your confidence can be a center of attraction and will surely help you to make him fall for you.
2. Talk About His InterestYou can discuss is interest and hobbies, which will make him feel special about himself. He will notice your interest in him and he may start sharing all stuff with you and it can be a habit for him later.
3. Be A Good ListenerYou should be patience while you listen to him, notice the details when you are taking. He may not tell you directly but he may expect you to understand him.
4. Hold Less TantrumsThe girls with less tantrums are lovable for guys, so cut off from your indefinite mood swings to make him close to you.
5. Wear Some PerfumeA good fragrance can do a lot more to attract him towards you. It is always a good idea to feel fresh and be someone’s attention through a cologne. He can definitely feel your presence around him and he will like to come closer to you.
6. MakeupMakeup helps to flaunt your features in a perfect way but for that, you should be good at it. Try not to cover your natural beauty by putting on too many layers of makeup, keep it natural, go for the natural shades like “nude”. A mascara and a light red lipstick is enough to attract him.
7. Get Up And Dress UpDress up to impress him, your outfits matter to him. Your dressing sense tells about your personality much louder than your words. So try to wear something trendy and simple.
8. Good Body LanguageYour body language can play a vital role to attract him if you are talking to him then make sure that your postures and gestures are good enough to sit in front of him and express your interest in him.
9. SHOW HIM YOUR INTERESTShow your interest to him and do try to not to make your conversation boring, it is good if you have some mutual interests, it can help you both to talk a little more.
10.  Making Him A Bit JealousThis is a test whether or not he feels jealous when you are around with a guy rather than him. Your closeness with other guys can make him jealous and he will make efforts to be with you.
11. Be The Best Version Of YouEveryone has some flaws and quirks but you should try to represent your best to the guy to whom you want to get closer.
12. Get In ShapeIt is really true that a guy should love you the way you are but to be very honest guys get more attracted towards your curves and skin, so it is better to be hot and sexy rather than being a cute teddy to him.
13.  Give Him Your AttentionTry to give your attention when he is around you, he will feel great for your attention.
14. Don’t Talk About Him All The TimeDon’t talk about him all the time, this can make him feel important and he may take you for granted which is definitely not in your favor.
15. Understand HimTry to understand his feeling and his moods like nobody ever can. You should be the one with whom he should share his happiness and sorrows but for this, you should be the only one to make such efforts.
16. Don’t Be InsecureDon’t feel insecure when he is with other girls because it can be the reason for turn off. Try to indulge yourself to understand his intentions.
17. Motivate HimIf you want him to make yours then this is a need, motivate him for the good things in his life. He may find it difficult to deal with those situations but he will be happy to share it with you.
18. Be A Reason For His SmileYou must have noticed his smile and you too must have felt that happiness but you will feel more glad if you are the reason behind it, make him smile for no reason and he will surely love you more.
19. Be FaithfulNo matter how your relationship goes on try to be faithful to him, make him feel that you are the only one and he may never get someone like you.
20. Don’t Try To Change HimDon’t try to change him, if you expect to be loved the way you are then they also feel same. You should love them with all the flaws and make him feel lucky to have you as a life partner.
21. Keep SmilingKeep smiling, so that he can also feel those positive vibes coming from you. You will look more attractive when you will smile looking at his eyes.
22. Be OptimisticTo be charming you need to be positive first, so to make him closer to you, you should be optimistic.
23.Text HimText him randomly and make him feel special, you can be busy as well to make him long for you, let him wait for you and miss you.
24. Give Him Cute SurprisesYou can make your efforts to give him cute surprises and he will feel happy and appreciate your efforts for making him happy.
25. Give Him SpaceGive him some space, your 24*7 presence can make him bore, so try to give him space to get closer to him.
26. Be What You AreFirst and foremost, “be what you are”, make sure that your partner loves you the way you are. Being yourself is good for you and it may help you to make him fall for you a little more because you are not fake and at least you do not try to be someone else.
27. Open Up With Him EmotionallyGet to know him deeply and it will help him to get attached to you. Emotional pampering can make him long for you if he gets emotionally attached to you.
28. Respect His ChoicesRespect his point of views and perceptions, he will get to know about your interest and decision making sense, this can also help you to get closer to him.
29. IntimacyIntimacy shows the closeness in the relationship though it is the requirement for all those who are in it, it is the most special feeling that you can give to your partner. So, it is really required to make the bond stronger and he will surely fall for you.
30. Share SecretsYour habit of sharing everything will help him to disclose his feelings and experience in front of you. He will get attached to you and that is how you can make him feel more for you.
31. His Happiness. Your AimIf you are attached to him then you will definitely make efforts to make him smile n matter what your situation is. He will feel happy for your presence in his life. 
32. “I Love You”Just remind them whenever you feel so, this will help you to make him close to you. Your sudden “I love you” can repair his worst mood and really they are three magical words.
We all know that gratitude is the best attitude and you should definitely add this positive attitude to your nature. Well, studies are the proof that guys get attracted to the girls those who are humble so if you want to drive him crazy for you then “being humble’ can help you.

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