These tips below are applicable before he approaches you.

You don’t even know his name? Nothing to worry about. Do this:

Good appearance!

It’s all about your appearance.

Confident. Positive. Good looking.

Straighten your shoulders, chin up, smile. These are the three main characteristics of a good appearance. Your body posture will affect your overall look. You will appear brighter and happier person. And that’s always attractive to men.


Now, after you have the perfect appearance, let’s work a little bit more on the smile.

If you don’t know the guy and you are at the same party but not in the same company, there’s a simple but very effective way to smile at him. And trust me, it works like magic.

Look at him, hold his eyes for a few seconds, smile and then look away. You don’t want to do that too often though, nor to stare at him for too long. Both things would look creepy.


This smile is almost like the one above, but it makes him feel special. It makes him feel like he’s the only one in the room for you… Who doesn’t love that?!

However, I suggest you do it only after you already met this person and at least know his name.


If you do it to a stranger, you might be sending him the wrong signal.

What should you do?

Look at him and do this: Wait for a second and then slowly smile. Notice the critical action here is to smile slowly. A slowly appearing smile on your face will give intimacy to the experience and clear message you like him.

In this way, you send him a signal that this smile is only for him. No one else made you smile before your eyes met his. His appearance made you happy, and you smile at him alone.

What does he think about this?

“She smiled especially to me. She might like me.” Now you’ve triggered something he has to work on. You gave him a hint you like him, and he makes you smile. Men love to feel special. It’s so attractive.


When we laugh, our hearts are more open, we feel connected to others much faster. It is scientifically proved that when people are in a group, and they laugh, everyone looks at the person they like the most.

Another successful technique to let him know he has your attention.

Let’s say you’re in a group of people and there’s a conversation going on. From time to time look at him, even if he doesn’t talk. When someone says something funny and everyone’s laughing, look at him.

What does he think about it?

So, a shared laugh while you look at each other’s eyes could light the little sparkle between the two of you. It creates an instant connection between you.


Step One: Talk.

The best way to attract attention to yourself is to speak up. If the subject everyone’s talking about is something you know, don’t hesitate to speak.

Could be a single sentence that adds more information. Could be a small, witty joke. Just raise your voice and announce to this handsome guy you exist. Let him hear your voice and look at you. The thought of getting you out on a date with him could hit him in the moment he hear your voice.

Step Two: Look at him a few times while speaking so he could meet your eyes. Have you ever been to an event and met the eyes of the speaker? If he looks at you more than once you immediately think he noticed you, don’t you?

Well, it works the other way around too.

Your guy will feel like you talk to him, even though you are in a group. You draw his attention to you by your body language saying “Hey, I’m talking to everyone, but I prefer to talk to you only. I like you.”

Disclaimer: Here’s the time to mention, that if the subject is not something you are comfortable talking about, at least ask questions.


Be inspired when you talk. Turn the conversation into a positive direction. No one will feel any attraction if the topic is sad and depressing.

Moreover, men will separate themselves from women who tend to talk negative and look angry or depressed.

Saying something motivational and inspiring brings you out in the light. You are not part of the anxious mass of people around you that whines about everything. Point it out.

A positive woman that enjoys life and herself is so attractive.


It’s not so much about the joke. It’s not that you say something smart.

It’s about the fact you say something smart, but funny in the right moment. This combination is so alluring that makes everyone around you likes you even more. You could see their admiration in their eyes. It’s flattering. I love this technique and use it even today (not to attract guys, but people in general)

Men are so into smart women. Forget about the cliche that they are scared of smart girls. No, they’re not. The man you want to be happy with will love your witty jokes.

A successful man on the hunt for an equal partner will look for the smart lady around him. Ask any male friend around you!

Be witty and enjoy the conversation. This gives him a hint how it would be if he invite you to go on a date.

After he approaches you
Ok, you’ve got his attention. He introduced himself or maybe a mutual friend helped you out. Your job is not done yet and he still has to ask you on a date.


If you just met, remember his name. I know that’s the first thing you’d want to do, but I have to mention it.

Even better: Use his name for a few times throughout the conversation.

It’s scientifically proven that when we hear our name, our attention shifts 100% to the person who said it.

Every time you insert his name into the conversation you instantly drag his attention onto you. It’s a mind thing. His name is the most mesmerising sound in this world for him.

So, insert it in the conversation, but not too many times as it might have the opposite effect.


If you still wonder how to get him to ask you out, and consider taking the lead, don’t give up. Use the next technique to get his attention.

Women are not used to complimenting. But we should try to be better at it.

This could seal the deal between the two of you if you do it smart.

At the beginning of the conversation, compliment him. Firstly, make sure it’s something he’d worked for to achieve. If you mention how blue his eyes are… it’s not something he worked for, he was born this way.

However, if he was recently promoted, compliment him on that – it’s something he worked to achieve. If you noticed he doesn’t smoke or drink alcohol, praise him on that. It is something he chose not to do.

Be honest in your compliment. There’s nothing more unattractive than a “fake” compliment.

If you don’t something unique to compliment at the beginning of the conversation, wait for a while. After you talked for a few minutes, you’ll have at least one clue.


Many girls believe that they should convince the guy they worth his attention. So when someone approaches them, they shower him with the best facts about themselves, before he runs away. This is not how you get him to ask you out.

And he runs away.
It has nothing to do with the information he was showered with.

The horrible truth is that he felt like he just pressed the “Play” button on an advert. It was a one-way conversation where the other person (the girl he initially liked) didn’t show any interest towards him.

Ask questions. Something easy, light, nothing too serious (you don’t need to know if his heart was broken or he believes in life after death), but connected with him.

The best way is to find a subject you could both laugh about (the place you’re in, people you both know, hobbies, etc.). The weather is a boring choice, so try harder.


Always listen carefully.

Even when your guy doesn’t talk to you before you actually started any conversation between the two of you. Listen to him. Note what makes him smile, which topic he’s active on. All that information is useful later when you finally have the chance to exchange some sparkles.

When you get to that point, listen again. Don’t look around too much, don’t look at your phone, you’ll appear impatient and eager to leave.

Even if you’re shy to look at his eyes for too long, hold your eyes focused on his. You create a connection he cannot resist to explore.


One of the most powerful body language techniques.

You must use it if you want to draw capture him into the conversation.

When someone mirrors our body posture, we feel attracted to him on subconscious level. There’s something we share, even though, we have no idea what.

By mirroring his posture, you send him a signal you like him, and he likes you back.

Sense Three (How To Get Him To Ask You Out) – Touch


Every man knows that one. When a girl likes him, she touches her hair.

So touch your hair, please! Give him the sign he’s looking for.

Gently, just once every few minutes. But do it.

Your hair is one of the most female and visible parts for a guy that just met you. Make him pay attention to it, even if he didn’t initially do it.


When we don’t like someone, we avoid any physical contact with them, right?

If you need proof – go on the subway in a rush hour after a sweltering day. You don’t want to touch anyone around you and you actively avoid to be touched by sweaty arms…

However, when we do like someone, we feel comfortable to touch them. The other way around works too – they feel comfortable knowing we like them and that opens their hearts toward ours.

A small touch once or twice in your mini conversation will send him the right signals.

Guys know how to recognise a girl doesn’t like them – when she avoids being close to him, he will back off.

The opposite means you feel good around him, you are bonding. That will attract him to you as he feels wanted and liked.

Smell – How to get him to ask you out


Ok, this is the last technique on how to get him to ask you out. If he didn’t do it so far, hint for one more time.

So far he knows he likes you. If he’s still around you, he wants you. He looks for one more last proof the light is green, and he can ask you out.

So he slowly leans toward you. No, he doesn’t kiss you. It’s just a slight leaning toward you while he explains something.

Now is your turn to lean toward him, smile and listen to whatever he talks about.

You send him few signals at once – you mirror his moves (leaning toward the other), you smile, you listen 100% to what he says, you are openly flirting with him. He could smell your gorgeous perfume and feel the warmth of your skin.

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