12 Women Habits That Can Drive Men Crazy

I’m sure that every woman can name a few habits of her husband that piss her off all the time. Most of us are sure that only men do disgusting things. The truth is that nobody’s perfect and you can also do something that drives him crazy.

In most cases, we get used to these difficulties and just forgive each other for our small whims. When there is too much irritation in your relationships it can turn into something bad.

To avoid situations like this and save your relationship from falling apart read our list of top-12 things that irritate your man a lot. As you know prevention is better than cure so scroll down to learn what exactly you are doing wrong.

1. You always eat from his plate

It doesn’t t matter if you ate the last piece of his favorite dish or if the plate is full. Just get your hands off his plate and everything will be OK. If you are hungry order the same dish and eat your own portion.

2. Don’t put his things in order

Whatever you may think about his working space and all his “rubbish” spread all over the room, you should never ever touch this sacred area. Even if it looks like chaos, he knows every little detail in this difficult system and your cleaning will destroy everything.

3. Being a party animal

Even if you first saw each other in a nightclub and you sometimes go out together to have some fun, be careful about the impression he has of you. Spending all your time in clubs and drinking alcohol won’t help you to create a strong relationship.

4. Being a gossip girl

Do you remember this famous TV series? The main thing you should remember is that gossiping can ruin people’s life and your life will be first. Your boyfriend is sick and tired of all this stuff; also, he may think that you may say something bad behind his back.

5. Dressing inappropriately

Do you think he has noticed the fancy dress that you put on tonight? Definitely not. All he has noticed is that it is so tight and short that you literally can’t move in it.

6. Occupying all the space with your clothes

It may surprise you but your man also needs some space for his things. When you give him 2 tiny shelves in the wardrobe it looks like total disrespect.

7. Making hints

You should remember that we are different and things that seem clear to you will be a mystery to your man. If you want to say something just tell him everything straight.

8. Unexpected tears

When you cry it looks like he has to disarm a bomb and he has no idea how to do this. When this happens too often, and for no reason, it can provoke nothing but irritation.

9. Getting ready for too long

No matter how fantastic you look with your new hairdo, your date is already ruined by the fact that your man has spent hours waiting for you. Be punctual and respect his time.

10. Asking tricky questions

Please, stop feeding your ego with all these stupid questions such as: “Am I too fat?” or “Do I look pretty?” There is only one possible answer but the question will make your man feel uncomfortable.

11 Involving other people in your arguments

As with any other thing in your relationship, arguments are very personal and you should keep them in the family. Try to solve all your problems without other people’s opinion.

12. Fixing your clothes in public

Even if you have known each other for a long time you should stay mysterious and beautiful to him. When there is something wrong with your clothes, just excuse yourself.

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