12 Things That Can Make Your Man Lose Interest In You

When any relationship starts we all like to act like we were born perfect. But when some time passes, there is a tendency to open up to your partner. Which is a great thing, yet there is a downside. There always is a downside to anything. That is why if you are no longer afraid to show your man how you really feel – a brownie for you – but some of those things can be pretty annoying to your man.

In case you do not pay attention to these 12 things you may end up in being all alone, we are not trying to scare you here, it is just there are things men consider to be super annoying and if you are a keeper, you will pay attention to them.

1. Desperation

If you are desperately seeking any chance of meeting him, the chances are great that he won’t be interested in you. While, if you act the opposite…

2. Fool

It is nice to play a little dumb at times, but men are attracted to intelligent ladies more.

3. Ex

Never ever talk about ex with your current. That is the rule.

4. Easy

Do not try to give him everything you can or everything he wants especially if there is nothing in return.

5. Mother

Act like a mother for your children, not for your man.

6. Demands

Sometimes being too demanding is not a great thing. If you start commanding and forcing him there is a great chance he will run.

7. Fake you

Do not pretend to be someone you are not. What is the point of being together with a person who think you are someone else?

8. Keep your word

If you agreed on something – do not change your mind after the deed is done.

9. Gossip

You can gossip with your friend but not your significant other.

10. Being punctual

They say that a woman should be late, but there is a moderate extent to anything, keep that in mind.

11. Pretense

There is no use of faking affection to something you do not like, sooner or later it will be reveal and the outcome will be dire.

12. Pettiness

We live in a different world now, that is why paying for a date once in a while is a nice thing.

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