12 Keys To Between Love and Friendship

S/he loves me, s/he doesn’t- how long are you going to wonder what the other person is actually thinking? This is a common dilemma for many of us. We start a friendly relationship and later fall for that person. That’s where the real confusion starts. We keep wondering, “Should I tell him/her?” “What would s/he think?” “What if s/he doesn’t like me that way?” “Will this ruin our friendship?” Or, you already are in a relationship, but not sure how much your partner is in it. Well, here are some signs through which you might guess how s/he feels about you. Obviously, there is no full proof, guaranteed measure-stick to measure someone’s feelings for you, but exploring these signs in your partner is an assuring matter for your relationship. Let’s get going!

S/he trusts you

Trust is the most important aspect of any relationship. If someone is mentally attached to you, s/he will definitely have complete faith in you. The trust issue here is kind of vice versa. The way you trust your partner, s/he is supposed to have the same faith in you. Otherwise, the relationship is not going to be effective. If you are not confident about your partner, or s/he is not confident about you, then it is time to work on that issue.

You have his/her respect

The person who is compassionate about you will obviously respect you. Watch how s/he behaves both in public and private. Try to find out how s/he describes you to others, notice how s/he introduces to anyone. Try to understand what s/he thinks about you, not as a partner, but as an individual human being.

You are his/her priority, not an option

Does s/he give you adequate importance? This tells a lot about a person’s feelings for you. How much important do you think you are in his/her life? Try to sort these things out. If you are an option for him/her, then it is an ordinary friendship you both are sharing, and nothing else. But if s/he keeps you on top of the priority list, then there is a very good chance that you two are going to end up as a couple.

S/he loves spending time with you

The time you two spend together, how much does s/he value it? Is it a mere hangout, or a special memory to remember? Does s/he compromise other work to make time for you? If yes, then it is a positive sign and you might go ahead and tell him/her how you feel.

Asks regularly how your day was

A person with feelings for you will always inquire about your day to day happenings. If the person only blabbers about his/her own problems, you should think twice before taking the next step. Asking how your day was is not always a sign of love, but most definitely is a sign of care.

S/he wants to be more involved in your life

How much involvement does that person have in your life? Does s/he take interest to visit people of your acquaintance, like your family and friends? If yes, then it is a good sign for going further with this relationship.

Asks your opinion before giving any decision

Asking your opinion before taking any decision is proof that this person finds you dependable and reliable. Also, s/he values your opinion. Apart from giving surprises, it is important in a relationship that both the partners values each other’s opinions and respects them.

Defends you

How does this person react in a situation where you are mocked at or made fun of? Does s/he try to defend or protect you, or join the party? If the person defends you, s/he is passionate and protective about you. This might the right person to move forward with.

Makes you feel special

A person who loves you will always try to make you feel special. S/he will sort out the best in you. S/he will tell you how nice, beautiful or smart you are and how much s/he appreciates you for who you are. Otherwise, s/he does not find you special, and you need to move on.

Notices things in you

When we love someone, trivial changes in that person does not go unnoticed. See if s/he notices the change in you. A new haircut, change in clothing or a sudden mood swing, anything that an ordinary friend might not notice or bother to enquire.

Misses you when you are not around

This is an effective way to understand how someone feels about you or to measure the depth of his/her feelings. How does s/he act when you are not around? Does s/he miss you? Does s/he send emails or texts you? Does s/he try to make contact to you by any means? If so, there is obviously something in his/her mind worth looking for.

Never gives up on you

We never give up on our loved ones if the feelings and passion towards each other are true. Difficult situations are the truest tests for a relationship. If two souls are true to each other, they’ll be beside each other no matter what.

Love is a very delicate feeling which needs nurturing every now and then. If someone really loves you, s/he will surely fail to hide it forever. One day or another, the flame of love will come out. Find out positive signs and start your love life.

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