Women deal with men during their whole lives. We might even think that we know how to deal with them. This knowledge might appear to be essential for us. However, this is not true. Women need to learn how to deal with men properly.

Why do you think some women are successful with men while the others can’t build a healthy and long lasting relationship? It is not about the way you look, it is about how you behave yourself when you are with men.

Today we will tell you about 11 mistakes that women tend to make when they are with men. Hopefully, they will help you to build on your relationship with your man and to understand him better than ever before. So, check them out.

#1. You don’t appreciate his efforts

Maybe, you got used to him doing things too much and started taking him for granted. Men can feel that. It disappoints them and makes them feel unwanted.

#2. You don’t respect yourself

Remember that you are worth all the best. No one is going to love you, especially your man, if you don’t love and respect yourself.

#3. You don’t support him

You need to be his friend, not only his lover. So, it is not only about your romantic relationship. It is about trust and friendship.

4. You don’t love him back

You feel his love and care but you don’t respond to him the in same way. Love is about reciprocation. This is a circle where each person should give at least the same amount of love that he/she has received.

#5. You don’t have your own separate life

You want to have a diffusive relationship with him which means that you don’t have your own separate life. It is not supposed to be like that. Don’t try to tie him down. This is not going to work.

#6. You don’t share your responsibility

You need to allow him to take on some of your responsibilities. Don’t only count on yourself, even if you are strong enough.

#7. You don’t try to understand him

You listen to him but you don’t actually hear him. You just stick to what you think.

#8. You like drama

You always try to discuss your relationship rather than just to enjoy how it unfolds. Don’t force it.

#9. You are trying to change him

Relationships are about improvement but you can’t change the other person.

#10. You want him to help you financially and this is your priority

Love should be the basis not the amount of money.

#11. You don’t trust him

You want to check on him because his words mean nothing to you.

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