10 Different Sex Positions That Will Drive Him Wild

Sex can be a fun and exhilarating way for two people to show their affection for each other. Like any other physical activity, you should enjoy keeping sex upbeat and trying different positions with your man. Whether it is your first time with him or you are just looking to spice up the mood by trying different positions we have a complete list of 10 different sex positions that will drive him wild as well as give you and him an insane orgasm.

1. Missionary

The famous position that may seem old school but trust it has its perks. With the man being on top not only does he get to enjoy going deeper inside you, but the chemistry that can arise from being able to look into each other’s eyes as you make love can send not only you but him into a spiral bliss orgasmic emotion.

10 Different Sex Positions That Will Drive Him Wild

2. Doggy Style

Doggy style is a popular position for most people as it gives the man a chance to really take control of a woman’s body by grabbing onto her hips to get whatever flow he wants. Fast, slow, or a medium steady pace this position is sure to drive your man wild. Don’t forget to toot that booty back so the deeper he is inside you, the better it feels, for both of you.

3. The Frog

This position gives the woman complete control and is a lot of fun if you set yourself up right. As the man lays flat, you straddle him and lower yourself onto him but you are still on your feet so it is as if you are crouched like a frog. Once you are ready, just bounce up and down. In that position you have enough control to where you can go as fast or as slow as you want. Having this control will take your mans sex drive to the next level.

4. Standing Up

Standing up is always a favorite because it can be done literally anywhere which makes sex even more exciting. This position will drive your man wild because he has total control over what is happening, and men love that. When you’re in his arms and your orgasm as well as his is in his hands this might just be the position to take him over the top.

10 Different Sex Positions That Will Drive Him Wild

5. Spooning

This position a lot of men and women enjoy. Some might think it is lazy, but on the contrary its very intimate as you can enjoy it in the early morning, afternoon, or even at night. The intimacy can not only bring you two together as you lay down to achieve your orgasm but your man will be overjoyed as he can enjoy being close to you and he can also enjoy touching and kissing all over you while inside you.

6. Reverse Cowgirl

Reverse cowgirl is a nice position as the man can enjoy you riding him facing away. Once you lower yourself onto him and get into the groove, it will turn him on so much to see how much you are enjoying taking control. You also have the comfortability of making as much noise and whatever faces that you desire as you won’t be facing him. Have fun girl!

7. The Butterfly

The butterfly gives deep penetration as you are wrapped as loosely or as tightly around your man. Push him in as close as you want as you feel him inside you giving you both the equal power to take both your orgasms to a more intimate and passionate level.

8. The Loveseat

The Loveseat is a fun one, best done on a couch but can be done in a chair or even on the edge of the bed. Sitting on top of your man ride him until he orgasms in bliss. Similar to the reverse cowgirl, it gives you more freedom to be yourself but also lets the man take some of the control as you ride as he can continue to kiss and touch you anyway he wants.

9. The Legs Back

The legs back position is a fun one but you might need to stretch for this one as it requires a little bit of flexibility. Laying on your back, let your man lift your legs as high up as they can go. Think touching your toes but on your back. Once he’s there have at it! This position is guaranteed an orgasm not only for you as you should feel everything but it will send you man off to a place of pure bliss.

10. Girl on top

Last but not least, if you want to drive your man wild, girl hop on top! A man loves a woman that is not scared to ride him. With you on top naked let him enjoy every moment of watching you take complete control and ride him like a horse girl! He can take pleasure in being able to watch you, touch you, and just relax.  Lets be honest in most sexual encounters the man does most of the work.  Lets let him relax and loose it in pure orgasmic bliss.

10 Different Sex Positions That Will Drive Him Wild

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